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Washroom Trailers Will Help Save at Your Next Large Event

December 27, 2018

Are you planning an outdoor event with a large guest list but unsure how to offer a decent restroom option? Consider providing washroom trailers to satisfy your guests basic human needs!

As opposed to the infamous porta potty – known for being poorly maintained and being associated with a less than desirable smell after a couple uses during hot summer days. Ensure your guests have a positive experience at your event by providing washroom trailers!


Privacy and Security: A Peace of Mind


One benefit of using trailers is if your organized event occurs at a private location such as your home. A large guest list may prompt an issue of security if you’re concerned about who is entering your home. To keep the event exclusive to your backyard or the outdoors, offering trailers would limit guests from entering your home allowing peace of mind.


Excessive Use


If your guest list is quite large and you’re thinking your home washrooms are suitable for all of your guests, you might want to reconsider. The last thing you want to happen is to have your toilet back-up or stop working. Miller Office Trailers offers the ideal solution: our trailers are clean and equipped to handle a large guest list. There is no need for your guests or employees to feel uneasy, uncomfortable or hesitant to wash up.


We’ve Got You Covered!


We set ourselves apart from other mobile home suppliers in Ontario by being:

  • Deadline-oriented in Service: your trailer is delivered when, where and how you want them!
  • Offering Excellent Customer Service: Stuck in an emergency? No worries. Allow one of our team members to offer their support during work hours
  • Having Well-Maintained Trailers: We hold the standard that our customers are entitled to trailers that are clean, comfortable, professional-looking, and fully-equipped


We offer premium, clean, affordable and pristinely-kept washroom trailers in a range of sizes, with internal dimensions that include all the modern day amenities of a permanent office or residential space restroom. Give us a call today to find out more about our services!