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What Makes Washroom Trailers Better Than Portable Washrooms

June 06, 2018

As the demand for having temporary washrooms at remote sites has soared, washroom trailers have seen similar rise in popularity. Having portable toilets at outdoor events, excursions, camps, concerts and more has been common for a while now, but as time has passed, attendees have started to demand more than just the basic plastic washroom.


Washroom trailers bring civilization where their ‘portable’ counterparts cannot. Their structural solidity and familiar environment are much appreciated by construction site managers, event organizers and users alike.


Instead, the conveniences and civilized ambience of washroom trailers have come to be appreciated no end. The truly sturdy design, the feeling of being in a familiar wooden structure, the cleanliness, facilities and warmth that are afforded by washroom trailers are much welcomed by all those who deploy them. Particularly on construction sites, washroom trailers are not only essential for keeping the workforce motivated, they are appreciated for the clean spaces they are.


In this latest article we look at some major benefits washroom trailers have over portable washrooms, which may seem more agile at first, but come with a number of compromises which outweigh that portability.


  1. Building material and construction – Washroom trailers are built on bespoke road-going chassis. The walls and flooring are constructed out of strong materials like wood and steel, not plastic. Simply, the quality of construction and feeling of solidity are far superior to what can be achieved with plastic.
  2. Mobility – Washroom trailers are extremely portable. Depending on your configuration, washroom trailers can be as large or as small as you require. Mounted on wheels, they can be transported easily across vast distances quickly and easily. In fact, they don’t require lifting equipment to lift out of a truck, either.
  3. Rent or buy – This point is a tie, we feel. Just like portable washrooms can be rented or purchased outright, washroom trailers can be rented or purchased. Construction sites, banquet venues and camping grounds make extensive use of washroom trailers for the flexible use terms.
  4. Configuration – Washroom trailers can be configured in a number of different ways. Separate entrances for men and women, the number of cubicles, hand dryers, paper towels and whatever else the user wishes can be incorporated into washroom trailers’ designs. Certainly, such flexibility cannot be got with portable plastic washrooms.
  5. Cleanliness – If you rent washroom trailers from Miller Office Trailers, cleanliness is something you can be assured of. We are extremely fastidious about keeping our trailers in pristine condition. And with washroom trailers that is much more akin to keeping a normal washroom clean, reducing the effort it takes to clean them.