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When To Rent or Buy A Mobile Office Trailer

September 10, 2020

If you are in need of an office trailer, one particular question that might come up is whether you should rent or buy. Many businesses prefer to choose an office trailer rental instead of buying because of two major reasons.

Sometimes it’s the most affordable option for them or they don’t want to own a mobile office trailer. Renting an office trailer has many great benefits including the following:


Quality: Office trailer providers want to make sure that you are happy with their service and that you will be a repeat customer. This means they will ensure the quality of their units for you before they rent it out. You can trust that you will get a high-quality trailer with Miller Office.


Flexibility: You often won’t know when you will need a trailer or not.  At times when you don’t need a mobile office anymore either due to a finished project or unexpected event, you can always call the company to get it back without worrying about logistics.


Maintenance: Most office trailer rental providers offer maintenance as part of their rental package. So, in cases where you might need some repair services in the office trailer, you can ask the provider to resolve it for you.


While renting is usually the most affordable choice, there are some cases when buying a new one is the best option. If you are planning to use it for over three years, it might be best to purchase a trailer. This is because the cost of an office trailer rental will most likely break even with the price of a new unit by that period. The second reason that it’s better to buy than rent is if you need a highly customized office to suit your specific requirements. Some providers are more than willing to create a mobile office trailer exactly the way you want it. For all your mobile trailer and office needs, call Miller Offices today!