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Why more people than ever are choosing mobile homes as their primary home

April 18, 2018

‘House on wheels’ may seem paradoxical– after all a house must be anchored – but the simple fact is mobile homes are steadily increasing in number. So what is it that has made mobile homes a viable – nay, the preferred option - for contemporary dwellers?

1. Getting the basics right – a comfortable space

For a mobile home to be a true ‘home on wheels’, it must be a safe, comfortable space and make your life easier. Mobile homes have evolved from the once spartan image they inspired to contemporary homes - even hotel-spec as one person described it – bringing all the modern accoutrements one expects a home to have. Aside from having a fully fitted kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, mobile homes come equipped with internet, cable TV and even solar panels. And baseboard heating, air-conditioning and lighting to suit your need just add to the comfort.

2. Freedom of movement

Be it while your permanent home is being built or, increasingly, a vacation home, mobile homes offer uncompromised comfort on the go. Contrary to what is typically understood as requiring a larger vehicle to tow them, more compact mobile homes can be pulled by cars. In fact, given how self-sufficient mobile homes have become, one only need endeavor for supplies and fuel.

For many people, particularly those who have lived in them before, mobile homes are becoming the de facto home.

3. Cost, cost and cost

Be it for an abode or an office, mobile homes offer great value – whether you are renting or buying outright. From the very off, mobile homes cost less to buy or rent compared to equivalent apartments or houses. There’s no fear of cost overruns as your mobile home takes shape because, of course, unlike a house, it is built in a controlled environment. It also means that building timelines are actually meaningful… but you already figured that out.

4. Suited to your need

How much you want to kit out your mobile home is up to you. Of course, certain larger elements like kitchens and bathrooms are accompanied by their necessary fitment, but you can tailor your mobile home to your specific needs and climates. Planning to spend some quality time in the wintery woods? Don’t forget to get insulation and additional heating options.

And what’s more they can be converted into a permanent home when installed with a masonry foundation.


Miller offers a bespoke experience – for each of its customers and in its range of products. We offer mobile home and office trailers for sale and rent. If you need your mobile space on an emergency, we can put your order on priority.