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Why Washroom Trailers are Always On-the-Go Comfort

May 15, 2018

Having washroom trailers around a jobsite provides more convenience to personnel who are working outdoors, particularly in construction or field work. Separate and dedicated washroom trailers reduce traffic inside the office trailer, cutting interruptions while giving staff a clean and comfortable facility. They do not just create a smooth functioning mobile site but more importantly, they cater to the basic human needs of the employees, increasing productivity.


Washroom trailers are also the perfect solution for any outdoor event that requires versatility and comfort.


They can offer great features and amenities to keep guests comfortable, satisfied and well attended. They are designed to provide employees and guests with a facility which is sure to impress both clients and friends.


Washroom trailers include flushable toilets, running water, odor reduction systems, climate control, line control, lighted interiors and are ready for winter usage. Miller Office Trailers offer clean and well-equipped washroom trailers, along with our line of mobile homes and office trailers. They can be divided into different sections as required. Workers and guests will not feel uncomfortable or uneasy while at work since our trailers are built with their various needs in mind. The washroom trailers can be adapted to accommodate special requirements like mobility and ease of access with railings, ramps and large stalls. Miller washroom trailers all come in 23’x10’ with distinctive floor plans that can fit any need.


You can decide on the specific floor plan you need by talking to one of our helpful representatives or by consulting our portfolio. We can provide a custom solutions that meet your employee’s good hygiene and need for total comfort. All of our washroom trailers can be connected to water and sewer connections as they are not self-contained. Each wash car can be sectioned:

  • Wash car #1: 5 toilets and 4 sinks - 1 toilet and 1 sink.
  • Wash car #2: 3 toilets, 4 urinals, and 4 sinks - 1 toilet and 1 sink.
  • Wash car #3: 2 toilets, 2 urinals, and 2 sinks - 3 toilet and 2 sinks.

Contact Miller Office Trailers today to learn more about washroom trailers or to request a quote today!