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Why You Should Choose Washroom Trailers for Your Next Onsite Project

July 21, 2020

If you’re in charge of planning for and managing a construction site, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Whether it’s planning for what supplies and equipment your team will need, or simply ensuring the site is equipped with the right facilities to ensure their comfort while on the job - it’s important to invest in only the best to yield quality results. 


Washroom facilities are an important consideration, and while porta potties are convenient - they simply do not offer the same benefits as washroom trailers. Wash cars are a sanitary and convenient way to ensure your staff’s needs are readily met while on the clock. In today’s blog we discuss 3 benefits of choosing washroom trailers over porta potties. Read on for more.



A common misconception is that wash cars do not offer the same convenience as porta potties. However, it is clear that wash cars are just as convenient as other portable washroom options, if not more. Miller Office Trailers will deliver our mobile washrooms right to your site. All you’ll need to have prepared is the site in which you plan on keeping the trailer, and the appropriate hook-ups. 

For an added layer of convenience, opting for wash cars also means having multiple stalls all located under one roof. Instead of having to order a couple of porta potties and having your staff wait in long lines when nature calls, they can instead make use of our wash cars that offer multiple stalls.



When we think of porta potties, we don’t typically think of them as being the most sanitary. This is largely because porta potties do not offer the same washroom amenities we’re used to. The inability to flush or properly wash your hands can leave users feeling generally unclean. Luckily, wash cars feature sinks and flushable toilets, as they are hooked up to a water source. 



Finally, washroom trailers offer more of a sense of comfort than other portable washroom solutions. Having multiple stalls under one climate-controlled roof can mean all the difference in the heat of summer or the dead of winter. Having a safe, warm (or cool) place to go when nature calls is ultimately the more comfortable option when it comes to planning for a mobile washroom option for your construction team.