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Why You Should Choose Washroom Trailers Over Portable Toilets for Your Next Event

June 14, 2019

If you’re planning an event or working on a project that requires your staff to stay on-site, it is imperative that proper washroom accommodations are available for your guests and/or staff. Washroom trailers and portable toilets are commonly used solutions when in-house restrooms facilities are unavailable. But does one outshine the other when it comes to providing the best possible solution for your staff and guests?


Today we’ll discuss why you should opt for washroom trailers over portable toilets when planning you’re your next event.



  • It’s just as important to have a place for your guests to wash-up as it is to provide toilets
  • Portable toilets usually come with hand-washing stations or hand sanitizer dispensers within the portable unit – running water isn’t typical for these units and as such may not feel as sanitary as other sanitary solutions
  • Wash cars are fully equipped with sinks that utilize running water. This serves as an added benefit over portable toilets, as guests are free to properly wash up as they please.


Number of Guests

  • If you’re planning for an event, you most likely have a rough estimate of what your guest list will look like. This allows you to effectively make decisions in the planning process based on the scope of the guest list.
  • If you’re expecting a large number of guests, you’ll need more toilets. Opting for washroom trailers over portable toilets in this scenario would be the better option, as they take up less space yet provide the necessary number of toilets for your guests


Overall Comfort

  • Another added benefit wash cars offer over portable toilets are comfort.
  • Portable toilets are effectively able to relieve when nature calls, but wash cars add an additional layer of comfort
  • Wash cars can come air conditioned or heated depending on the weather, and (as previously stated) typically come with running water allowing your guests to wash up in a separate area from the toilets


Looking for washroom trailers for your next event?

Look no further than Miller Office Trailers. We are fully capable of accommodating the needs of your next project or event. Call us today to learn more about our services and trailer units.