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Washroom Trailers – Providing Relief in More Than One Way

September 19, 2019

A safe, clean, functional, and enjoyable experience for your bathroom needs are all you could ask for – a goal reached by washroom trailers.


The mobile washrooms you can encounter today go above and beyond by not only providing the essentials, but also through fostering a pleasant environment.


Their practicality is highlighted by their mobility; restroom access is crucial and washroom trailers can provide relief for a host of different functions and events:


Annual and/or National Events

Events held on an annual basis like the Canadian National Exhibition can amass millions of people throughout the three-weeks it takes place.


As you can imagine with such a large gathering of people, it can only serve to heighten their experience by having convenient access to a washroom facility, especially for events where many younger children will be in attendance with their parents.



All the people involved in the running of a concert will require a restroom over the course of the many hours of their attendance. On top of this, navigation within the restroom takes an even higher priority as many concerts go past sunset and have been designed with a lack of lighting in mind to showcase special effects. 


Luckily, mobile restrooms provide the necessary respite as adequate lighting is provided for guests to effortlessly conduct their business, no matter the time of day.


Construction Sites

The health and safety practices on a construction site are of the utmost important; mitigating the spread of contagious diseases requires hygienic installments. Mobile restrooms play a fundamental role for workers, clients, and visitors that frequent such sites, giving them the capacity to practice best standards of hygiene.


Military Operations and Disaster Relief Sites

When the residents of an area have been the unfortunate victims of a devastating natural disaster, such as hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, accessibility to relief for the local population can become a growing concern, not only for survivors but also for rescuers to carry out their duty effectively. 


Washroom trailers aid in alleviating these concerns as they provide running water, heating, and air conditioning for those who need it most.  


Handle Your Mobile Washroom Needs Effectively

As you can see, accessibility to well-equipped restrooms are an essential element when it comes to the success of an event or emergency situation, so make sure you have the essentials prepared. Miller Office Trailers rent and sell three distinct 23’ X 10’ washroom trailers, depending on the needs of those who will be using them. Call us to learn more about our selection!