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Upgrading the Design of Your Mobile Home on a Budget

September 06, 2019

With the assortment of benefits surrounding trailer homes in contemporary society, especially in Toronto, it is important you do not feel claustrophobic with the upgrade options at your disposal for your mobile home, especially if you are accustomed to typical housing solutions. For such concerns, you will be delighted to know that plenty of upgrade choices exist for the mobile homeowner.


Many of the niceties you may be traditionally familiar with are easily applicable to your home-on-the-go.


We have put together a list of four budget friendly solutions that can immediately be put into action for your mobile home and hopefully inspire your own original ideas:


1. Crown Moulding

Looking for a touch of elegance in your trailer home’s kitchen? This inexpensive, yet effective, decorative trim solution can cost between $4-8 per linear foot and provides a striking visual appeal to the interior design of your trailer home.


2. Lighting Fixtures

With a bit of ingenuity, you can create focal points and draw attention to particular areas within your mobile home. This space-conscious and cost-effective option is versatile in its capacity. For example, the placement of a large lighting fixture in your living room can be an eye catching centrepiece.


Lighting can also influence the mood you are looking to strike in your home through the use of accent lighting. Lava lamps, for example, can communicate a visually retro aesthetic to your abode, whereas Moroccan lanterns can instil a feeling of intimacy and warmth. Experiment with different stylings to match your personality.


3. Window Shutters

In addition to their immediate visual charm when alongside windows, shutters also provide the practical benefit of protecting your privacy and vulnerability to storms. The variability in colours and styles provide the opportunity in finding the perfect style to match the exterior of your trailer home. A ready-made set of shutters can be afforded for as low as $50 at any major hardware store.


4. Wall Paint

While the aesthetic advantages for improving the curb appeal of your trailer home with wall paint is apparent, it is also important to consider the pragmatic benefits, such as helping to wick away moisture from walls and preventing accelerated damage. Additionally, flaws, cracks, and stains can be masked effectively with a fresh coat of paint.


Economical solutions such as these go a long way to getting accustomed to mobile living, especially if you are still settling in. Furthermore, renovations and improvements throughout your trailer home contribute to their already appreciated value.


Here at Miller Office Trailers we have been in the business of renting and selling top quality mobile homes for over 70 years, and they come complete with contemporary amenities for those looking for emergency short-term housing or more permanent solutions. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives to get you on the right track!